The Fund Investment Strategy

The Fund Strategy

Our goal is to invest in well located multifamily and student housing projects in various stages of development all owned and operated by SUN PACIFIC Properties and Nelson Partners Student Housing - both wholly owned subsidiaries of Nelson Partners LLC. The fund seeks to provide consistent high quarterly income with the potential to participate in gains earned from the profit on sale or refinancing of the fund's projects.

The Capital Stack

Investment results may vary. This representation is an example of a general real estate deal and may not be applicable to this fund.

Targeted Benefits

Our Goal

Initial Target Investments

We believe multifamily and student housing properties have the potential to offer a variety of benefits that matter to investors: monthly cash flow, stable performance, inflation compatibility, appreciation, and tax efficiency through depreciation, all from a brick-and-mortar asset anchored by the economics of a stable and growing employment base location or the historical stability of a university.

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